Nintendo reveals special Mario Red Edition Switch OLED

It's also a bit cheaper than previous special edition Switch OLED models

Mario Red Edition Switch OLED

Nintendo has unveiled a special edition Switch OLED Model based on none other than Mario himself.

Dubbed the ‘Mario Red Edition,’ the console sports an all-red finish inspired by the iconic plumber. A silhouette of Mario can also be found on the back of the Switch dock. As the name suggests, this model also features an improved OLED screen over the standard $399 Switch, an ethernet port, and a beefier kickstand.

Interestingly, the Mario Red Edition is priced at $449 in Canada, $20 less than previous special edition OLED Switch models. It’s unclear why.

You can pre-order the Mario Red Edition OLED Switch from the official Nintendo Store. It will be released on October 6th, 2023, two weeks before Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the next 2D Mario game.