Bell’s broadband internet service best in Canada: PCMag

"Bell offers an almost perfect mix of speed, coverage, price, and user satisfaction," the report states

PC Mag has given Bell’s fibre service the title of Best Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Canada.

The title is based on ratings for speed, coverage, price and overall satisfaction, which “Bell offers an almost perfect mix of,” the report states.

When examining the speeds for major ISPs alone, Telus has the highest score, making it the “fastest major ISP” in Canada. On the ‘PCMag Speed Index,’ Telus scores a 10 compared to Bell’s nine.

However, Telus’ coverage score of two doesn’t compare to Bell’s seven, which helped Bell beat out Telus to be the best overall major provider.

The results are based on 331,078 tests from Canadians using the services of ISPs. The publication conducted the tests between June 1st, 2022 and June 27th, 2023.

Given the major providers don’t provide services all over the country, PC Mag compared the figures against all other ISPs in Canada (given they received 100 responses on the speed test). Again, Bell took the top overall spot.

The latter calculation feature 85 ISPs, compared to the smaller group of 23 when examining major providers, Bell’s speed score decreases from nine to five. However, price and its “decent coverage rating” of seven helps Bell keep the top spot. “No single ISP of any size beats Bell when we consider the numbers nationwide.”

Telus’ PureFibre network also received a score of five, while Rogers scored four.

The only ISP to receive a score of 10 is telMaxto with the title of “fastest all-around ISP.” The company provides fiber services to regions in Ontario.

Bell’s title follows similar recognition from Ookla, which found the provider had the best broadband services in Q2, 2023.

Source: PCMag