You might be able to buy a new Thunderbolt USB-C Cable for the iPhone 15

The leak comes from collector and known tipster Kosutami on X (formerly Twitter)

Apple will sell USB-C Thunderbolt cables for the iPhone 15 series, says leaker Kosutami on X (formerly Twitter). They claim this cable will be 0.8 metres long, support charging speeds of up to 150W and transfer data up to 40Gbps.

The iPhone’s forced switch to USB-C ports has been widely discussed ever since the EU ruled it had to make the change by December 28th, 2024. Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, expressed his frustration at the time that lawmakers were getting involved in tech.

Regardless, it’s believed the iPhone 15 line will feature a USB-C charging port. When rumours arose that Apple would limit charging on non-Apple certified chargers, the EU warned it against the tech giant taking that route.

Kosutami posted a picture of the Thunderbolt cable along with the leaked information (though they mistakenly wrote 120W charging speeds in their original post).

We can compare the stats Kosutami shared with the current Thunderbolt 4 Pro . First, it can charge up to 100W, while this new cable will reportedly charge up at to 150W. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the iPhone 15 will be able to reach this charging sppeed. The iPhone 15 may be able to charge up to 35W, according to the latest rumours.

The other significant stat relates to data transfer speeds. It’s believed the regular iPhone 15 will come with a cable that can transfer data at 480Mbps, while the iPhone 15 Pro’s cable will be able to transfer at 40Gbps, which is the same speed this leaked cable and the Thunderbolt 4 Pro are capable of.

It’s also worth noting that this cable is shorter than the Thunderbolt 4 Pro, which comes in 1.8-metre or 3-metre versions.

Apple’s iPhone 15 series is expected to be revealed on September 12th.

Source: Kosutami Via: MacRumors