MSI spills the beans on Intel’s 14th gen desktop processors

We'll likely learn more about the processors during Intel's Innovation 2023 event next month

Intel’s 13th-gen desktop processor, ‘Raptor Lake,’ hit the market last October.

While not much was known about the successor of the Raptor Lake, a new MSI leak might give us a clear idea of what Intel’s 14th-gen desktop chips might offer.

A training video that was briefly posted on MSI’s YouTube channel, and spotted by VideoCardz, shows the performance and features of Intel’s upcoming CPUs. The 14th-gen CPUs are reportedly codenamed Raptor Lake-S Refresh.

The 14th-gen Raptor Lake-S Refresh will feature:

  • i5-14600K with six performance cores and eight efficiency cores, the same as the i5-13600K.
  • i9-14900K with eight performance cores and 16 efficiency cores, the same as the i9-13900K.
  • i7-14700K with eight performance cores and 12 efficiency cores, an upgrade over the i7-13700K’s eight performance cores and eight efficiency cores.The new processors do not feature any architectural changes, and are made with the same ‘Intel 7’ 10nm process. The MSI leak also reveals that the 14th-gen processors would be 3 percent faster than their 13th gen predecessors, while the i7-14700K will offer 17 percent faster multi-threaded performance thanks to the extra efficiency cores.

Intel is expected to announce its 14th Gen processors during its Innovation 2023 event next month.

Source: VideoCardz