GuliKit reveals SNES-inspired dock for Switch, Steam Deck and other handhelds

The release date and pricing of this new docking system are still unknown

GuliKit has unveiled its new docking station. Inspired by the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), this dock supports several handhelds, including the Switch and the Steam Deck.

The GuliKit team did very little to hide its love of the SNES, which should pique the interest of nostalgic players. The new GuliKit dock features the same colour scheme and overall design as the SNES. In the middle, there’s a large hidden slot for the handheld to sit. The company confirmed it’s compatible with the Switch, the Steam Deck, the ROG Ally and Ayaneo handhelds.

Gulikit says the unique-looking dock supports 4K at 60Hz video output. 

As far as ports are concerned, the rear side of the dock features an HDMI port to connect to a TV or monitor. There’s also an ethernet jack for dedicated wired internet support. GuliKit also included three USB-A ports, a USB-C port and an AC adapter. Unfortunately, the front of the device doesn’t include ports for controllers or other accessories.

In addition to the dock, GuliKit is also showing off its new KK3 Max controller. The gamepad looks very similar to the Xbox Elite series of controllers. It features asymmetrical thumbsticks, a D-Pad and facebuttons. However, much like the KingKong Pro 2, the ABXY orientation is similar to the Switch’s layout. The pro-style controller also includes backpaddles, similar to the Xbox Elite and PlayStation DualSense Edge gamepads. Players can also swap between digital/analog modes and turn on RGB lighting.

The controller offers new Hall effect sensors, featuring 2,200-level sampling to prevent potential stick drift issues. GuliKit is known for supporting its Hall Joysticks for Switch’s Joy-Cons.

While the dock and KK3 Max controllers can be seen at Gamescom in Germany, GuliKit has not announced pricing or a release date for either device.

Image credit: GuliKit

Source: @GuliKitDesign Via: The Verge