Firefox for Android will finally get extension support

Mozilla says it will share a "definite launch date in early September"

Mozilla is finally delivering on a long-held promise about its revamped Firefox browser for Android.

One of the big promises of the ‘Fenix’ redesign of Mozilla’s Firefox browser was full extension support on Android. However, until now, the browser has only had access to a small handful of extensions (aside from some convoluted workarounds).

However, that is set to change soon. According to a blog post on the Mozilla Add-ons Community Blog, Mozilla is working to bring an “open ecosystem of extensions” to Firefox for Android, though it’s not clear when it will arrive. Mozilla said it would provide a definite launch date in “early September.”

The rest of Mozilla’s blog post includes information for developers so they can make sure their extensions will work with Firefox for Android.

This change will mark a major milestone for Firefox, making it one of the few Android browsers with full extension support, the Chromium-based Kiwi Browser being the only other one.

Full extension support means users will be able to access valuable add-ons like ad blockers, price trackers, password managers and more. Typically these additional tools are limited to desktop browsers.

If you want to get a taste of extensions on mobile, you can check out Firefox for Android now. Though it only supports a small handful of extensions, the ones that are available are pretty clutch. You can get Firefox for Android free from the Play Store.

Source: Mozilla Via: Android Police