Canadian EV Owners can earn up to $1000 bonus this summer by sharing their car on Turo

If you’ve purchased an electric vehicle or are on a waitlist for a new EV model coming to Canada, you’ve likely already experienced many of the benefits that come with ownership, from saving on fuel and maintenance costs to lowering your emissions. But thanks to Turo, Canada’s leading peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace, which operates in eight provinces across Canada, there’s another reason to love your EV. Canadians who host their vehicles on the marketplace currently earn $732 per month on average* to help offset ownership costs. Now EV hosts may also qualify for a $1,000 bonus by participating in Turo’s new incentive program, which you can enroll in here.

If you own an EV or are waiting for one to be delivered this year and you’d like to turn it into an income stream, here are five reasons to host your vehicle on Turo.

Earn up to $1,000 extra for hosting

Available now, and running until September 30, 2023, when you list a qualifying electric vehicle on Turo, you can earn a bonus of up to $1,000 in matched earnings beyond the standard hosting income. The incentive program will be available to hosts across Canada and will apply to eligible vehicle makes and models including:

  • Rivian (any model)
  • Polestar (any model)
  • Ford F-150 Lightning
  • BMW iX
  • Cadillac LYRIQ

To qualify, hosts must generate at least $500 in earnings with their eligible vehicle before September 30, 2023. Additional terms apply.

To sign up, simply fill out the form here.

Offset the up-front cost of EV ownership

One of the main reasons Canadians purchase EVs is to embrace long-term cost savings. According to a recent survey conducted by Turo in partnership with Leger, more than half of Canadian respondents stated they plan to buy a hybrid or EV as their next car purchase. But if saving both money and the planet aren’t enough, Turo also gives owners the opportunity to earn extra money with its car sharing service.

Help build the future of EVs in Canada

Even with the obvious long-term cost savings that come from owning an EV, many Canadians are still hesitant to purchase one, despite the desire to test drive an EV. According to the same survey, over half of Canadians surveyed would be more willing to purchase an EV if they were able to test drive it for a few days or weeks, indicating that by hosting your EV on Turo, you could help more Canadians embrace electric vehicle ownership. Not only does this offer greener benefits to the planet, with fewer internal-combustion-engine cars on the road, but it may increase overall consumer demand for EVs from coast to coast in the future.

In an interview with the Turo blog last year, Ontario EV host, June H. shared how, by listing her Tesla, she was able to help those considering purchasing one of their own make a more informed decision. In fact, a few of June’s guests went on to buy a Tesla using her referral code after an extended test drive in her vehicle.

June shared how even guests in nearby cities would book her car just to experience a Tesla: “I found I had a lot of people coming from Hamilton or Guelph, from outside the city, just because I was the closest one outside of Toronto. And a lot of people were thinking of buying a Tesla.”

Today, June has two active EVs available for booking: a MINI Hardtop 3 Door 2022 and Tesla Model 3 2022. She originally joined Turo to pay off her Tesla, which had a $500 per month payment and an eight-year term. Within the first month of listing her car, she made $1000 and eventually sold the car for a profit in just 11 months.

Hosting is simple for EV owners

One of the other main benefits of EV ownership is the simplicity of the vehicles. Having fewer moving parts inside the car means less maintenance, which translates to fewer headaches for owners. To complement this simplicity, Turo makes it easy to become a host! Not only is your electric vehicle a desirable option for guests (Turo users showed a significant increase in the use of the “electric” filter for summer trips* in Canada this year compared to the last), but there are also no sign-up charges or monthly fees for listing your vehicle, and you have the ability to set your own price and rules. For an even greater piece of mind, Turo also helps you every step of the way with 24/7 customer support, and the platform has built-in liability insurance and physical damage protection, allowing you to sit back and earn without the added worry.

With all those benefits, plus the extra incentive, there’s never been a better time to own an EV in Canada. And if you’re ready to increase the benefits of EV ownership, sign up for Turo’s EV incentive program today via the form here.

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Image credit: Turo

* Monthly earnings based on average monthly performance (based on their gross monthly earnings) of all Canadian hosts in the 12 months ending Mar 31st 2023.

**Summer defined as 6/1 – 9/1

Terms and Conditions

Turo will match your earnings up to $1,000 if you qualify for the Turo Canada July 2023 EV incentive.

To be eligible for this incentive, you must:
1. Enroll in the incentive program by filling out the form
2. List one of the following eligible vehicles in Canada by September 30, 2023:<

  • Any Rivian model
  • Any Polestar model
  • Ford F-150 Lightning
  • BMW iX
  • Cadillac lyric

3. Make at least $500 in host earnings with the eligible vehicle by September 30, 2023.

Only actual host earnings will be considered to calculate the incentive amount. “Actual host earnings” are equivalent to the daily rate amount received by the host for bookings on the eligible vehicle listing during the incentive period (ending on September 30, 2023). This does not include any Extras fees, additional fees, or Turo fees. Turo will add the applicable earnings incentive to your account no later than October 30, 2023, if you meet the above mentioned criteria. Limited to one enrollment (one vehicle, one incentive) per host.

Incentives are:

  • non-transferable
  • not for resale
  • not able to be combined with other offers.

Turo reserves the right to change or limit this incentive in its sole discretion. Usual terms and policies apply. Users with a Turo account that is suspended or closed are not eligible for this incentive. If Turo suspects fraud, tampering, violations of the Turo Terms of Service, or technical errors, we reserve the right to any remedy. Remedy may include denial of the incentive or cancellation of your account or listings. Sometimes Turo provides a translation of the English version of these terms. If we have done so here, and if there are discrepancies in meaning, the English language wording takes precedence.