Lucky Mobile offering free service, bonus data, in flash sale

The offers end on July 17th

Lucky Mobile is offering several bonuses in a flash sale.

New customers will get one free month of service through a credit after they stay with the provider for two months.

The company is also offering new activations 4GB of bonus data every month for 12 months on plans starting at $35/month. Customers need to register for automatic top-up to redeem the offer.

Both of these offers expire on July 17th.

Customers can also get 50 percent off a SIM card if they purchase it online. The company offers both eSIMs and physical SIM cards. Anyone ordering the latter must activate the SIM by August 17th to redeem the offer.

The offers aren’t available at Dollarama, The Source or Circle K.

More information is available on Lucky Mobile’s website.