Bugsnax is coming to iPhone and iPad on July 12

Is the song already stuck in your head again?


Acclaimed indie game Bugsnax is munching its way onto iPhone and iPad on July 12th.

Developed by Chicago’s Young Horses, Bugsnax tasks players with exploring a mysterious island to capture hybrid bug-snack creatures. The first-person adventure game features over 100 species of Bugsnax and various tools to help you capture them, including a scope, slingshot and tripwire. It also has a catchy theme song that the internet became obsessed with for a while.

This App Store release will include the DLC expansion, The Isle of BIGsnax and offer new mobile-optimized touch controls. Additionally, several third-party controllers will be supported.

Bugsnax was first released on PS4/PS5, PC and Mac in November 2020, with Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S ports dropping in April 2022.

Image credit: Young Horses