TweetDeck falls apart following Twitter’s new read limits

The dumpster fire continues to grow


This past weekend, Elon Musk instituted a new feature that limits the number of tweets unverified users can read daily to prevent “data scraping,” breaking TweetDeck in the process.

First, Musk said that views would be limited to 600/daily for unverified users, but later increased that number to 800 and 8,000 for verified paying users. Musk upped the limit again to 1,000 for unverified and 10,000 for subscribers. New unverified users are limited to 500 posts.

While this confounding change is likely related to Twitter’s ongoing battle with Google over cloud hosting and isn’t tied to “system manipulation,” as usual, the actual platform is suffering.

When I logged into my Tweetdeck account on the weekend, my replies were no longer visible and in some cases, I couldn’t even view the feed for some of the accounts I have connected to the app. Since TweedDeck loads multiple tweets through various columns, it’s likely Musk’s new Twitter view limitations are the cause of the issues.

Twitter has been testing a new version of TweetDeck’s web app for several years now, but it’s not great. Its design is best suited for tablets and really doesn’t make sense on desktops.

You also can’t control two Twitter accounts through the app on the same screen and are forced to switch between them instead, which is confusing and unintuitive (it also defeats the purpose of TweetDeck in some ways). In Musk’s latest cash-grab effort, the new version of TweetDeck will become a $10/month Twitter Blue exclusive feature “in 30 days.”

In other Twitter-related news, the social media platform also restricted users from viewing tweets unless they’re logged into a Twitter account.

Via: Engadget