Apple might sell a top head strap for the Vision Pro separately

The top strap will prevent the headset from sliding down and address its weight issues

During Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, it showed off the Vision Pro Virtual Reality/Artificial Reality (AR/VR) headset in all its glory.

However, according to MobileSyrup editor-in-chief Patrick O’Rourke, who went hands-on with the headset for roughly 30 minutes, the headset featured an additional top head strap that wasn’t shown off during the company’s keynote. “This prevented the VR headset from sliding down at the front or back and ensured it remained correctly positioned on my face,” wrote O’Rourke.

Now, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman says that Apple has developed the additional strap to address weight issues and is considering selling it as an extra accessory instead of including it in the box.

In his hands-on, O’Rourke added that “by the end of my 30-minute demo, the headset started to feel heavy and front-weighted” despite wearing a Vision Pro with the top strap.

Considering that the headset will cost $3,499 (roughly $4,700 CAD), paying an extra fee for a strap to manage the headset’s weight seems like a cash-grab move from Apple. The decision may remind some of Apple’s move to charge an extra fee of $999 USD (about $1,341 CAD at the time) for a stand for its Pro Display XDR monitor.

Gurman also stated that Apple has developed an iPhone app that in-store employees will use to scan a customer’s face and determine the correct size of bands and light seal for their headset. These components will ensure a snug fit and block out any ambient light that could interfere with the immersive experience. The company plans to create dedicated areas in its retail stores where customers can try out the device.

The Vision Pro headset is slated to go on sale in early 2024 in the U.S. We are not certain if and when the headset will arrive in Canada.

Source: Bloomberg