Season two of upcoming Star Wars: Visions series gets a trailer

Season two is set to return to Disney+ on May 4th


The highly anticipated season two of Disney +’s anthology series, Star Wars: Visions, now has an official trailer.

It was announced in February 2023 that Lucasfilm Animation would be branching out from its plan to only include only Japanese anime studios to work on the project. Season two is set to feature nine new animated shorts from nine different studios across the globe.

Star Wars fans can now get a sneak peek of those plans before the premiere of season two is set to release on May 4th.

Season two was announced during 2022’s Star Wars Celebration event after the first season was met with immense acclaim and popularity.

Studios such as Cartoon Saloon, PunkRobot, Triggerfish and El Guiri Studios are slated to produce episodes for season two, according to Star Wars.

Season two of Star Wars: Visions will be streaming on Disney+ on May 4th.

Image credit: Star Wars

Source: Star Wars Via: Gizmodo