Somehow Internet Explorer lives on deep in the bowels of Windows 11

Windows just can't quit Internet Explorer

After 25 years of service, Microsoft retired its Internet Explorer browser earlier this year, and even started redirecting users to the Edge browser.

The retired browser was always disabled on Microsoft’s latest Windows 11, and Windows 10 users lost support for the browser earlier last year. However, as first shared by The Verge, a Twitter user has found a workaround to make the outdated browser work on Windows 11.

Normally, launching Internet Explorer on Windows 11 forces you into Microsoft Edge, however, going into the search bar and looking up ‘Internet Options’ gives you a way to launch the ancient browser.

Once you’re in Internet Options, go to the Programs tab and click on “Manage add-ons.” From there on, head to “Learn more about toolbars and extension” at the bottom of the page, and that should bypass the Edge redirection and open up Internet Explorer.

Alas, this has no real use case, but it’s still cool to see that you can bypass Microsoft’s settings and gain access to an old browser that for years has been a pain in the back side.

Image credit: @XenoPanther

Source: @XenoPanther, Via: The Verge