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The best Nintendo Switch cases from Canadian retailers

The best part of the Nintendo Switch is its versatility. You can go from the living room to the road in a flash, bringing the Switch and your games along for the ride.

However, protecting that sweet Nintendo hybrid is a tall task. Whether it’s knicks in your screen or a busted Joy-Con, just throwing the Switch in a backpack or duffle bag is not going to cut it.

So here is a look at how you can protect your Nintendo Switch with some of the best cases on the market.

Best All-Around Case

Orzly Travel Case
  • Hardshell case
  • Variety of colours
  • Storage for cables
  • No Pro controller storage
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06/02/2023 11:17 am GMT

The Orzly Nintendo Switch carrying case is one of the best cases out there. This hardshell case will store your Switch with ease and comes in a variety of colours. Want to match the red and white Pokeball motif? You can do that with the Orzly case!

Not only will it store your Switch console on the go, but a mesh pocket on the upper lip also allows sufficient space for cords and even an extra pair of Joy-Cons.

Also on the inside is a soft screen protector with pockets for 10 Switch game cards, so you will never be without your favourite.

The hardshell is built from water and drop-resistant material, while the interior is lined with smooth fabric to keep your console scratch-free.

Best Budget-Friendly Case

AmazonBasics Carrying Case
  • Great price
  • Hardshell design
  • In-case stand
  • Limited storage
  • No elastic
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The Amazon Basics Carry Case for Nintendo Switch is about as basic as it gets. But that is not a bad thing.

This case is uber budget-friendly. Not to say you are losing quality here, but it is often seen for less than $20 with frequent price drops.

It rocks a hard shell similar to the Orzley, with a smaller mech pocket and a flip-down for up to 10 Game Cards.

The Amazon Basics Case even comes with a simple console stand making gaming in the case a breeze.

It comes in a trio of colours (black, red, and neon yellow), so you are bound to find one that fits your style.

Best Ultra Slim Case

Tomtoc Ultra Slim Case
  • Ultra slim design
  • Water-resistant design
  • Cartridge storage
  • Less drop protection
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The TomToc Nintendo Switch Case is easily the slimmest protective covering for the Switch.

While some other hardshell cases feature a flat front and back, the TomToc hugs the curves of the console. This effect creates silhouettes of the Switch’s various buttons and joysticks right on the front of the case.

Just because this case is on the slimmer side doesn’t mean it offers any less protection. It is drop resistant and has a spill-resistant fabric covering.

It even features the game card pockets like its bigger brother and sisters but is missing a mesh pouch for extra Joy-Cons and cords.

Best Flip Case

ProCase Flip Cover
  • Magnetic design
  • Convenient for play
  • Available for all models
  • Minimal protection
  • No storage
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06/02/2023 11:02 am GMT

In a world where smartphone flip cases are all the rage, ProCase is here to offer one for your Nintendo Switch.

This is much more a cover than a case, and it allows for the console to be played while it is still being protected. ProCase makes one for the original Switch, the OLED model, and the Switch Lite. It even comes in a variety of colours including a nice Sky Blue.

The Flip Cover is made up of a hard plastic back shell and flippable front. The front cover is magnetically detachable, so you can easily remove it if it’s getting in the way.

Biggest and Baddest Case

iVoler Messenger Bag Travel Case
  • Tons of storage
  • Great protection
  • Hardshell material
  • Bulky design
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06/02/2023 12:07 pm GMT

The iVoler Storage Case is more than just your average carrying case. Not only will it carry your Nintendo Switch console, but it holds all your accessories as well.

This monster of a case has room for a Switch, dock, Joy-Con and Joy-Con Grip, and a Pro Controller. It’s a beast that is perfect for the gamer looking to take their entire Switch setup on the go.

It features hard protective walls and even a handy carrying handle. Like some of the smaller Switch cases, the iVoler Storage Case also has mesh pockets on its upper lip, as well as pockets for 18 Switch Game Cards.

Best Switch Lite Case

UGREEN Case for Nintendo Switch Lite
  • Hardshell exterior
  • Protective interior
  • Budget friendly
  • Minimal storage
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Thus far we have covered everything you could need for your Nintendo Switch or OLED Switch, but we cannot forget about the Switch Lite.

The Nintendo Switch Lite case from UGREEN is the best there is for the portable-only version of the console. It looks very similar to the cases of its bigger brother; however, it’s built with the smaller form factor of the Lite in mind.

The UGREEN Switch Lite Case rocks a sturdy outer shell and a velvety smooth fabric interior. All this makes sure your little pastel-coloured console stays safe when you are on the go.

It comes with a familiar mesh pouch on the inside and storage for up to six Switch game cards. Here you are getting full protection, just a little bit smaller.

Case closed

What do you think about our list? If you have any other Nintendo Switch cases you have loved your time with let us know so we can check them out.

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