Telus brings its PureFibre X internet tier to Edmonton

The company claims the tier offers the fastest internet speeds in Canada

Telus has launched its new internet speed tier, PureFibre X — which offers upload and download speeds of 2.5Gbps — in Edmonton.

The carrier claims this service offers the fastest speeds in Canada compared to other major internet providers.

Telus says it’s the only major provider in Western Canada to offer a 100 percent fibre optic connection to the home. This means the network is built with the best fibre optics to ensure customers have the fastest available network. The 100 percent fibre option connection is “critical” to the function of PureFibre X.

The PureFibre X internet plan also includes a Wi-Fi 6 compatible router. Combined with PureFibre X, users have access to faster internet speeds over multiple devices resulting in simultaneous streaming in 4K, video conferencing, gaming, and more.

Telus first launched the service in Calgary over the summer.

Source: Telus