Vidéotron releases internet and entertainment deals for the holiday season

The company is offering internet services at a discount for new customers

Vidéotron has released its holiday offers.

The company, which largely serves customers in Quebec, has a new promotion for entertainment seekers. Customers who subscribe to Helix internet TV or the Helix TV App plan will get Vrai and Club illico, TV channels focusing on local content, free for six months.

Helix TV mixes live TV channels with internet-based services, including Netflix and YouTube.

A number of packages, which last 24 months, are available to pick from to redeem this offer:

  • $74/ month – download speed of 30 Mbps
  • $84/ month – download speed of 60 Mbps
  • $96/ month – download speed of 100 mbps

The company is also offering a deal on its internet services alone.

Purchasing the unlimited internet plan from Helix, with a download speed of 60Mbps, will save customers $21 on their monthly bill for 24 months. This offer is only available to new Helix customers.

Vidéotron is also offering a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite tablet and a $0 internet plan to customers who sign up for a 24-month mobile plan.

The all-inclusive 25 GB plan is $65/ month (save $10/month) and can only be used in Canada.

The all-inclusive Canada-U.S without borders plan is $75/month (save $10/month). 15 GB of data can be used in Canada and the U.S and an additional 100 GB is available for use in Canada.

Available phones on 24-month contracts include:

Source: Vidéotron