Microsoft releases ‘Power On’ docuseries looking back on 20 years of Xbox

Chronicling the conception of the original Xbox all the way to the bumpy lifecycle of the Xbox One

Xbox Power On

Microsoft has released a brand-new, free documentary series unpacking 20 years of Xbox.

Titled Power On: The Story of Xbox, the six-part docuseries covers everything from Microsoft’s development of the original Xbox to the time the company attempted to purchase Nintendo and, of course, the infamous ‘Red Rings of Death’ Xbox 360 fiasco.

Notably, Don Mattrick, the Canadian businessman who served as head of Xbox during the launch of the Xbox One, makes an appearance in Power On — the first since he left the company. Mattrick is infamous in the gaming industry for positioning the Xbox One as an “always connected,” general entertainment device before current Xbox head Phil Spencer took over and made overall well-received changes.

All episodes are available in 30 languages on a variety of digital platforms, including Xbox’s YouTube channel and Microsoft’s Movies & TV app.

Xbox has released Power On to celebrate its 20th anniversary, which fell on November 15th. Other 20th anniversary celebrations include the staggered release of Halo Infinite and a slew of new backwards compatible games.