Roku adds 23 free, live channels in Canada, now offers over 100 channels

Roku's new channels include things like 'Classic Doctor Who,' 'Real Crime,' 'So Yummy' and more

Roku remote

Roku now offers over 100 free, live channels through the ‘Roku Channel’ on its smart TVs and devices. The streaming company announced the milestone alongside the addition of 23 new live channels.

The new channel offerings include:

  • AsianCrush – AsianCrush offers a diverse catalogue of premium Asian content in the digital space, including Korean, Chinese, and Japanese dramas.
  • BlackPix – Stream a full slate of films and documentaries featuring Black talent and subjects of interest to Black viewers.
  • Cinevault Classics – Hollywood’s brightest stars and movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood.
  • Cinevault 70s – Once upon a time in Hollywood they made great movies, you dig?
  • Cinevault 80s – Think 80s hair was big? Our stars are bigger.
  • Cinevault Westerns – Hitch a ride back to the Old West featuring films from Columbia Pictures.
  • Classic Doctor Who – Join the first seven regenerations of The Doctor for incredible adventures through time and space.
  • Doctors – The award-winning Doctors follows the turbulent lives and loves of the staff and patients at a busy medical practice.
  • El Rey – A Latino-infused network showcasing a wide range of originals, iconic feature films, and TV series.
  • For the Fans – This multi-sport network brings fans live events from around the world.
  • Hi-YAH! – A martial arts mayhem and Asian action channel, with flying fists and roadhouse kicks, ninja stars, and fighting sticks!
  • Impossible Quiz Show – The quiz show that goes beyond right and wrong. Choose an impossible answer and
    face elimination.
  • Lift Ticket – Discover the largest and most premium collection of snow sports films available worldwide.
  • Maverick Black Cinema – Maverick Black Cinema offers movies in every genre, from thrillers and crime dramas to inspiring tales of faith.
  • Midnight Pulp – Watch something strange. Midnight Pulp offers the best cult movies and shows from all over the world.
  • Midsomer Murders –  Murders and mysteries are investigated by Detective Chief Barnaby in a quaint county with a staggering death toll.
  • Real Crime – Crime, justice, law and order. Real Crime investigates criminal activity across the globe.
  • RetroCrush – RetroCrush is a fresh streaming destination for everything classic anime.
  • Reuters – Serving the real world in real-time since 1851, Reuters delivers fast, accurate, unbiased and trusted news around the globe.
  • So Yummy – The most popular food brand on social is now on TV! A food channel filled with inspiration and entertainment.
  • The Country Network – Providing today’s Country music enthusiasts with more choices in televised digital programming.
  • Unidentified – Unidentified offers free films covering topics like UFOs and alien abductions, ghost stories, Bigfoot encounters, and more.
  • Vevo Pop – The latest hit music video from the biggest artists.

To access live channels on Roku, open the ‘Roku Channel’ and select the ‘Live TV Guide’ tile.

You can learn more on Roku’s website.

Source: Roku