Microsoft confirms Halo Infinite will release on December 8th

A Halo-themed Xbox Series X and Elite Series 2 controller are also on the way

Halo Infinite campaign

During Canadian-born video game presenter Geoff Keighley’s Gamescom opening night stream, 343 Industries’ finally revealed Halo Infinite’s official release date, December 8th.

Along with confirming the release date, a lengthy cinematic trailer was shown off revealing the story tied to Infinite’s first multiplayer season. The trailer gave us a glimpse of the Master Chief, several other Spartans and a new drill character, Commander Laurette Agryna.

Unfortunately for Microsoft and Keighley, the December 8th launch date didn’t come as much of a surprise. Earlier today, the date appeared on the Microsoft Store (spotted by @ALumia_Italia on Twitter).

It’s important to note that this news comes only a few days after 343 Industries announced that Infinite won’t launch with campaign co-op or its ‘Forge’ mode. Both features will be added to the game roughly three and six months after launch, respectively. Halo Infinite’s development cycle has reportedly been tumultuous, resulting in Bungie veteran Jospeh Staten taking over as head development of Infinite nearly a year ago.

Limited edition Halo Xbox Series X and controller

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During the Gamescom Opening Night Live stream, a new Halo-themed Xbox Series X and Xbox Elite Series 2 gamepad was also shown off.

Halo Infinite will release across all of Microsoft’s Xbox consoles, including the Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC.

Source: Xbox