Netflix testing ‘What People Liked This Week’ feature among some Canadian users

The streaming service is working on another way for users to discover new content

Netflix is testing a new feature called ‘What People Liked This Week’ in Canada.

As the name suggests, the feature displays the most-liked movies and shows on the streaming service of that given week. The top 20 titles are shown.

The feature was first mentioned earlier this week on Reddit by some Netflix users, with the Canadian Press‘ David Friend later sharing on Twitter that it’s being tested in Canada as well. In both cases, it seems that the feature is only appearing in the Netflix app on smart TVs for now.

As with any feature that Netflix tests, it’s important to note that this might not see the light of day. For now, Netflix has a ‘Top 10 in [insert your country] Today” feature as a way to show its most popular content.