Harley Davidson spins-off electric motorcycle brand Livewire into its own company

We'll get to see the first LiveWire products on July 8th

Motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson is distancing its electric bike division from its classic hogs by making the LiveWire brand its own company under the Harley umbrella.

The legacy motorcycle company has been building electric motorcycles for a few years and even announced earlier this year that it would open up a whole new electric division. While that remains true, the company has taken the strategy a step further and is building a wholly separate company under the LiveWire name. Harley-Davidson even showed off a render of a small but sporty electric motorcycle last year, so hopefully, that design will still be used by Livewire.

Early on in 2021, the company announced a new strategy under the name ‘Hardwire.’ One of the key pillars of that plan is to be a leader in the electric motorcycle space. With that in mind, this move to transform LiveWire into its own company makes sense.

Harley-Davidson also wants to expand beyond bikes and hopes to grow its parts/accessories division and its merch, which made a big comeback in street style a few years ago. You can check out the full Hardwire strategy here. 

The first LiveWire bikes, beyond the actual Harley-Davidson LiveWire that came out in 2019, are set to be released this summer on July 8th. The company hasn’t revealed what these bikes will look like, but it did share that the brand will focus on urban mobility first, allowing it to make products that have less range and cost less.

This suggests the LiveWire brand will sell things beyond motorcycles and possibly dip into the electric scooter and bike markets that are popular in cities right now.

If you’re into electric motorcycles, you can sign up on LiveWire’s website to get notified whenever the company releases more information about its upcoming bikes.

Source: LiveWire, Harley-Davidson