You can finally pre-order the electric Harley Davidson LiveWire in Canada

You can either try to get one online or walk into a dealership to get a pre-order

Harley Davidson has opened up Canadian pre-orders for its all-electric motorcycle the LiveWire.

The bike made waves when the legacy motorcycle company announced it back in January, but it was unavailable to Canadians until now.

Anyone who wants to pre-order the e-moto can visit Harley Davidson’s Canadian website and sign up for one. That said, pre-ordering this bike is a bit different than pre-ordering a regular tech product. You need to enter your address, find your nearest Harley dealership, enter contact information and then someone from that dealership will reach out to you to finalize the order.

The current LiveWire costs $37,250 CAD, and it will be available this September. It has a range of 255km in a city and an estimated 142km of combined stop-and-go driving and highway range, according to Harley’s site.

There will be limited availability, so anyone that wants to get their hands on is advised to order early, according to the company’s press release on Canada MotoGuide.

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Source: Harley Davidson Via: Canada MotoGuide