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SyrupCast 237: Hands-on with Apple’s AirTag and Samsung’s Galaxy Book Pro

Everything you need to know about AirTags is here

This week on the SyrupCast, Patrick O’Rourke, Brad Bennett and Jon Lamont sit down to discuss early impressions of Apple’s AirTag and Samsung’s Galaxy Book Pro.

Before that, Brad goes over some of the hottest news of the week, which in this case is, includes Bill C-10 and the Apple v. Epic trial.

Once the news is taken care of, Brad bombards Patrick with every question he can think of about AirTags, including what are his favourite accessories are and how the Bluetooth tracking NFC tapping feature works.

Once that conversation runs its course, the team talks about Samsung’s Galaxy Book Pro. While the laptop is pretty solid, it features a lot of unnecessary bloatware.

At the end of the podcast, each person shares what games they’ve been playing lately, including Loop Hero, Titanfall 2 and Patrick, of course, is still playing Apex Legends. 

This week we’re once again on video, so check it out to see our smiling faces deliver the tech news that matters to you.

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