Nintendo and Niantic’s Pikmin-themed AR game now being tested in Singapore

It's unclear when Nintendo and Niantic's Pikmin mobile game will be released

Poster of Niantic and Nintendo's upcoming Pikmin-themed game.

Despite only being revealed last week, new details about Niantic’s upcoming Pikmin mobile game are already starting to be released by the developer, including launching a new beta test in Singapore.

According to a report from Eurogamer, players begin their Pikmin adventure with ‘Pikmin Seedlings,’ which flourish as users walk with the app open. After walking a specific distance, Pikmin can be plucked and individually named. Similar to Pokémon Go, Pikmin will follow your avatar as you explore the real world.

The game also features a ‘Lifelog,’ which players can use as a diary to record daily activities with text and photos. Further, the game tracks your step count, places visited, captured photos and more.

While details surrounding the game continue to surface online, Niantic is reportedly encouraging players to not to share images or footage of the title online.

To receive updates about the title as they’re rolled out, you can pre-register for the game here. Niantic also recently showed off a new 5G-powered augmented reality (AR) multiplayer game called Codename: Urban Legends.

Image Credit: Niantic

Source: Niantic Via: Eurogamer