New Nest Hub rumoured to include improved audio, extra mic and Soli radar

A new version of Google's smart display could be around the corner

Net Hub

Following earlier reports that Google’s next version of the Nest Hub will feature Soli radar sleep tracking, 9to5Google has revealed more rumoured details regarding the upcoming smart display.

Google will reportedly stick with the same overall design, including its angled display, fabric speaker cover and rounded sides. That said, the tech giant is switching what colours the smart display will be available in by offering it in ‘Light Blue’ instead of the original Hub’s ‘Aqua’ — this colour should be very similar to the Nest Audio’s ‘Sky.’ Other rumoured colours are ‘Gray,’ ‘Black,’ and ‘Sand/pink.’

New features include improved audio quality and three far-field microphones instead of two, matching the Nest Mini and Nest Audio in terms of mics.

Finally, the new version of the Nest Hub is rumoured to feature Google’s Soli radar technology. Like the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, the smart display can be controlled by gestures. It will also be capable of sleep tracking thanks to the Soli sensor, with possible integration in Google’s Fit app.

It’s unclear when Google plans to release the new Nest Hub, but 9to5Google mentions it should be announced “sooner than later.”

While I like the Nest Hub and think it’s one of the tech giant’s better smart speaker offerings, its audio quality, unfortunately, lags well behind the more recent Nest Audio. Hopefully, this new version of the smart display solves this issue.

It’s unclear if Google also plans to update the Nest Hub Max.

Source: 9to5Google