Koodo offering up to 6GB of bonus data on BYOP and Tab plans

Koodo is also offering up to $100 in bill credits if you get a phone on the Tab

Telus flanker brand Koodo is offering bonus data with a bunch of its plans.

Whether you want to bring your own phone (BYOP) or get a phone on the Tab with Koodo, you can get some extra data.

However, it’s worth noting that thanks to recent plan changes, Koodo’s plans no longer include Canada-wide calling. So, the plans listed below include province-wide calling — if you want Canada-wide, it’ll be an extra $5 per month. Likewise, Koodo now charges more for Tab plans, so if you want to get a phone with one of these deals, the pricing is slightly different.

Below are all of the offers:


  • $45/6GB (normally $45/3GB)
  • $50/10GB (normally $50/5GB)
  • $55/13GB (normally $55/8GB)
  • $70/18GB (normally $70/12GB)


  • $45/5GB (normally $45/2GB)
  • $50/6GB (normally $50/3GB)
  • $55/10GB (normally $55/5GB)
  • $60/13GB (normally $60/8GB)
  • $75/18GB (normally $75/12GB)

On top of that, those interested in getting a plan on the Tab can get up to a $100 bill credit available as $10 off for 10 months. You can learn more on Koodo’s website.

Both Fido and Virgin Mobile are offering similar data promotions on their plans. These deals come just a few days after the carriers ended their Lunar New Year deals.