Fido discounts data deals, offers $50/10GB and $75/16GB plans

The coveted 10GB/$50 plan is back

Fido is offering a suite of deals right now that give customers big data buckets for reduced prices.

Unsurprisingly, Koodo and Virgin are also offering pretty great, very similar deals as well. That said, Virgin’s offers will net you the most data if you don’t mind being under Bell’s umbrella.

Fido’s plans come with free in-store express pickup or free shipping, a free SIM card, voicemail and no activation fee. The plans are as follows:

  • 6GB — $45 per month
  • 10GB — $50
  • 12GB — $55
  • 14GB — $60
  • 16GB — $75

Unlike Koodo, Fido still offers Canada-wide calling included with its plans. You also get unlimited text and video messages.

Fido’s other advantage compared to Koodo and Virgin is that it offers five hours of data for free per customer per month that can be used whenever.

Source: Fido