Google working on barebones Google TV interface for third-party TVs

It seems likely that this interface will appear on TVs that aren't connected to the internet

A new version of the Google TV interface has snuck out to developers and it’s expected to launch on third-party television sets.

This iteration strips away all of the operating system’s (OS) smart features and makes it simple for users to change inputs and access live TV. This mode could be helpful for TVs that are used for business purposes or for people that don’t want to use the Google TV interface.

This new interface was discovered by 9to5Google as a preview in the ADT-3 developer dongle. The version of the OS the publication found could be swapped between the regular Google TV interface and this new basic mode.

The publication doesn’t have any great screenshots of what the feature looks like, but it expects a grid of icons — similar to how Roku handles live TV — and your inputs.

While it seems likely that this interface will appear on TVs that aren’t connected to the internet, 9to5Google notes that it still has the ambient screensaver from the regular Google TV that uses the internet, so this might be a basic mode for smart TVs.

Image credit: 9to5Google

Source: 9to5Google