The big three carrier’s unlimited plans now start at $80 in Canada

Rogers might be offering a good plan, but its hard to tell if it's a glitch

After a long promotional run Bell, Rogers and Telus have raised the price and lowered the data of their base-level unlimited plans.

For months now, consumers have been able to get a 20GB unlimited plan for $75 per month from each of the big carriers in Canada, but that all changed this week.

Now, the base level plan includes 15GB of unlimited data and costs $80. The next plan up at Bell and Rogers is labelled as a promo and offers 25GB for $85. As an alternative, Telus has two $90 plans; one for sharing data between devices like an Apple Watch and an iPhone, and the other is a family share plan.

None of these plans offer much value compared to the previous $75/20GB option we saw in late 2020. At the moment, people looking for a new plan are likely better off buying a smaller data plan from a flanker brand like Koodo, Fido or Virgin, and waiting for the Unlimited plans to drop in price again.

That said, if you don’t mind becoming a Rogers customer, the carrier appears to be having a weird issue with its site where it’s actually posting great deals if you visit it from an iPhone or iPad.

It’s unclear if these deals are glitches on Rogers’ site, but we’ve reached out to the carrier for clarification. When selecting an Apple device, the plans I see are a 21GB unlimited plan for $65 per month, a 10GB individual plan for $50 and a 15GB individual plan for $55.

Source: Bell, Rogers, Telus