Fujifilm reveals two new cameras, one for pros and another for everyone

Sony's not getting off that easy

After Sony stole yesterday’s camera thunder with the Alpha 1, Fujifilm has followed up with a few camera launches of its own.

The more impressive of the two is a new GFX 100S, which will clock in at $7,800 in Canada and is aimed at professionals who don’t want all the functionality of the larger GFX 100 and would rather have something more portable.

The camera that’s going to appeal to most people is the new X-E4, a smaller pocketable rangefinder-style mirrorless camera designed to take big shots and work with the company’s X Series lenses.

GFX 100S

If you’re a professional looking to upgrade, you can find out more about the GFX 100S here. 

It has the same 102-megapixel sensor from the larger GFX 100, which costs $13,000 in Canada. The company also notes autofocus and stabilization improvements making this work for both still photography and videos.

While all of the stats are impressive, it’s likely overkill for most people who are looking to upgrade from their cellphone camera.


The X-E4 is a much more affordable option for people looking to upgrade their photography, coming in at $1,100 CAD without a lens.

This is the smallest interchangeable lens camera in Fuji’s lineup, but since it sports a 26.1-megapixel x-Trans CMOS 4 sensor, it has the same photo-taking abilities as its larger siblings.

What sets this camera apart is its simple controls and tiny size. It only weighs 0.80 pounds and has body dimensions of 121.3mm x 72.9mm x 32.7mm. To achieve this, Fuji needed to add a new thinner screen to the rear, but it can still flip up for anyone wanting to vlog or take selfies.

There’s also an electronic viewfinder to help people use this more like a traditional camera, which is a nice touch for this retro-styled powerhouse.

You can learn more bout the X-E4 on Fujifilm’s website. 

Source: Fujifilm