Small Google Camera update brings toggle to disable Auto Night Sight

The update is rolling out slowly via the Play Store

Pixel 4a 5G back panel

An update rolling out to the Google Camera app this week allows users to turn off the Auto Night Sight mode on their Pixel phone.

With the launch of the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G last year, Google added Auto Night Sight to the Google Camera, which allowed the camera software to detect low light environments and automatically switch to Night Sight. Users could tell when the camera made the switch as the shutter button would gain a moon icon.

While Auto Night Sight meant users didn’t have to swipe around the camera interface looking for the Night Sight option, the feature wasn’t perfect. For example, if you disabled the automatic Night Sight then exited the camera app, it would re-enable Auto Night Sight. Plus, some Pixel phones were aggressive and used Night Sight even when it wasn’t necessary, which could mess with photos.

Now, Google Camera ‘version’ remembers if users disable Auto Night Sight. Additionally, it introduces a new toggle for controlling Auto Night Sight. To access it, tap the options pill at the top of the screen while in the Google Camera app.

Left: Old Google Camera flash controls. Right: New Google Camera flash and night sight toggles.

In the drop-down, look at the top line where it says ‘More light.’ Previously, this was the ‘Flash’ section with toggles for no flash, auto flash or always use flash. Now, the toggles are ‘Flash,’ which disables Night Sight, ‘Night Sight,’ which disables flash and ‘Off,’ which disables both.

With the new setting, Pixel users should have more fine-grained control over when Google Camera uses Night Sight, whether they want it automatically or manually.

The change started rolling out as part of Google Camera version on January 25th. However, the update isn’t yet widely available.

Source: 9to5Google