Bell shares informative historic company timeline starting back in 1876

The timeline starts at 1876 and ends in 2020

Bell looks back at its past 150 years with an informative historic timeline.

The timeline starts in 1876 with the birth of the Canadian telephone business and Alexander Graham Bell’s Canadian patent. And the launch of the Bell telephone back in 1877.

In 1880 we got the creation of The National Bell Telephone Company of Boston alongside the first-ever logo for the company.

Back in 1881 Canadians got the first public telephone outside of Bell’s offices in Hamilton, Ontario and the first long-distance line connecting Hamilton with Toronto. Also in that year was the first telephone lines to go underwater connecting Windsor and Detroit.

In 1896 was the first direct long-distance service between Montreal and Toronto made possible by a copper metallic line.

In 1927 Bell created a new receiver-transmitter, that ushered the era of combination handset telephones.

Skip about 25 years and Bell established the first television link between two countries, which brought U.S. programming from Buffalo, New York to the CBC in Toronto.

Interestingly enough, it wasn’t even called Bell Canada until March 7th of 1968.

In 1985 Bell launched the first wireless service in Canda with 41 Bell Cellular employees and made the first interprovincial mobile call between Montreal and Toronto.

Back in 1995 Bell launched its website and in 1999 BCE Mobile Communications was created as a subsidiary of Bell. That same year Bell became the first in North America to offer mobile internet services.

Bell acquired The Source and Virgin Mobile in 2009 and moved its offices to downtown Montreal in 2008.

Some of the newer stuff isn’t as interesting, like Bell launching Crave in 2014, or launching 4G LTE in the GTA in 2011, but that’s because we were all there for that.

The timeline ends in 2020 with the launch of the 5G network.

Take a look at the timeline, here. It’s cool to see how far the company and technology have come in 150 years.