Google suggests workaround for Pixel 4a 5G touchscreen bug

The bug started to show up after the December security patch

Pixel 4a 5G screen

Google’s monthly updates typically fix bugs, get rid of vulnerabilities and sometimes even add new features, but, occasionally they cause issues as well.

A new touchscreen issue that appeared after the December update is now getting recognition from Google.

Some Google Pixel 4a 5G users have started experiencing a touchscreen bug that mostly affects the lower portion of a user’s screen and is most prominent for users who use the three-button navigation.

Google responded to the issue on a Pixel support forum post. The company says that it will fix the problem in an upcoming update, but since the January patch didn’t look to fix it, users might have to wait until at least February. Google, however, has a workaround. 

  1. When tapping icons on the edge of the screen, tap the center of the button or the side of the button/icon furthest away from the edge of the display.
  2. When tapping icons, including the navigation buttons on the bottom of your screen, use the tip of your finger or thumb instead. This will help improve touch recognition.

The workarounds are honestly not great and hopefully, users get a fix for this sooner than later.

Let us know in the comments below if you’re experiencing similar problems on your Pixel 4a 5G.

Source: Pixel support forum, Android Police