Samsung confirms stylus support for S21 line, leaked render shows off display

The company says we'll learn more at its January event

Samsung’s president of mobile, TM Roh, shared a blog post detailing some plans for the company’s 2021 products, including that the Galaxy S21 lines would gain stylus support. At the same time, leaker Evan Blass posted a render of the front of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21.

First, Roh’s blog post confirms Samsung plans to hold an event in January. While Roh didn’t mention whether the event would be for the rumoured Galaxy S21 line, that will likely be the case considering passed leaked pointed to a January 14th announcement.

The other big announcement from the blog post is that Samsung will add stylus support to Galaxy devices beyond the Note line. Further, the company plans to add some of the “most well-loved” Note features to other devices too.

That could signal an end for the Galaxy Note line, which hasn’t offered any significant differences from its regular Galaxy S counterparts for some time (aside from the S Pen).

Finally, Roh touched on Samsung bringing a “portfolio” of folding devices and that the company wants to make foldables more accessible. That could be a reference to the price — most folding phones are much, much more expensive than comparable devices.

However, as prices come down, more people may be willing to make the jump from traditional form factors. Roh also indicated Samsung would continue to pursue camera and video improvements, including computational photography, as well as doing more with ultra-wideband (UWB) chips, such as unlocking your car door — like the iPhone — and locating objects.

Render shows off a familiar display setup

As for the leak, Blass shared a render of the display of the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G. Blass noted in a Voice post that the render was the “first official press shot” and said the S21 was “nearly indistinguishable” from 2020’s Galaxy S20. At least, that’s the case from the front — like its predecessor, the S21 sports a nearly edge-to-edge screen with small bezels and a centred hole-punch selfie camera cut out.

As we’ve seen in other leakers, most of the noticeable aesthetic differences with the Galaxy S21 happen on the back of the phone. That includes a new camera module that sports a contrasting colour to the rest of the phone.

While some may be disappointed by the Galaxy S21’s lack of changes around the front, it’s worth noting there’s not much Samsung can do differently here. Aside from moving the camera cut-out around — or somehow incorporating an in-display cut-out — there’s only so much the company can do the differentiate the almost-entirely-screen front of its newest phone from the almost-entirely-screen front of the previous model.

Image credit: Evan Blass (Voice) 

Source: Samsung, Evan Blass (Voice) Via: 9to5Google, The Verge