Fruit Ninja 2 is out now on iOS and Android

It's time to cut fruit all over again

Hit sort-of-retro-at-this-point mobile game Fruit Ninja finally has a true sequel.

If you used a smartphone back in 2010, you’ve likely played Fruit Ninja. The mobile game seemed as popular as Angry Birds back in the day, but it never got a real sequel, and it fell out of the spotlight as the years went by.

That’s all about the change as Fruit Ninja 2 hits app marketplaces around the world.

The game plays the same as before. As you likely already know, players swipe on the screen to cut fruit in half, and the more you play, the more blades and characters you unlock.

One modern twist this time is that players can buy a battle pass to unlock faster gear. I’m not sure if this will work out well for Fruit Ninja since the game isn’t as popular as titles like Fortnite, but maybe some people will fall into its micro-transaction trap.

If you’re excited to cut virtual fruit again, you can download Fruit Ninja 2 for free on iOS and Android.