Tesla Model S and X infotainment upgrade costs $3,510 in Canada

In a backwards move, it removes FM, AM and satellite radio

If you own a Tesla Model X or a Model S from March 2018 and earlier, you can pay $3,510 CAD to upgrade your infotainment package to include modern Tesla features.

Overall, the upgrade offers a lot of improvements, like reduced touchscreen latency, internet radio, Tesla gaming and more. However, this update disables AM, FM and satellite radio, unless drivers pay $500 USD (roughly, $665 CAD), according to Roadshow. Even if they do pay, they’ll only gain access to FM and Sat radio again.

There’s no denying that this is super backwards. First of all, I really don’t feel comfortable with Tesla making people pay for software updates. On top of that, regular radio is so standard in cars that it seems backwards for Tesla to remove it. I will concede that I never use the radio in my car since I have Android Auto, but still having the option to use the radio if nothing else is available has come in handy a few times.

If you decide to follow through with Tesla’s update, you can find a list of all the features here. Highlights include access to Netflix and YouTube, enhanced car security and more.

Source: Tesla Via: Roadshow