Koodo tweaking its phone plan Tab system

These new Tabs are meant to balance upfront cost and monthly payments

Update: Koodo has issued a disclaimer on its site that states, ‘We’re making some exciting changes here – check back on July 5 at 9 am ET / 6 am PT!’

All the details are below.

Koodo is cutting down its Tab offerings to simplify the options subscribers can choose from when getting a new phone.

In the new system, there will be three Tabs and instead of the existing four, but don’t worry, the ‘Bring your own device’ (BYOD) option is still available. However, it’s still unclear when the new Tabs are going to take over the current Tab structure.

The new Tab options are as follows:

  • Tab Basic – monthly charge $10 – Tab amount $240
  • Tab Mid – monthly charge $15 – Tab amount $360
  • Tab Plus – monthly charge $33 – Tab amount $792

Take note that these prices are the maximum ranges. If you’re buying a cheaper phone with one of these tabs, your monthly cost and Tab amount could be less.

Another thing to note is that you can get the Tab basic on just talk and text plans without data. However, if you want to get a phone with the Tab Plus or Tab Mid, you’ll need to purchase a plan that includes talk, text and data.

  • How the Tab system works

  • “The Tab balance is split into 24 monthly Tab payments, which gets added to the monthly bill as a separate Tab charge. Once customers have paid off their Tab balance, their Tab charge drops off and they will only pay the monthly rate plan charge,” as described by Koodo.

Therefore, if you want something like an iPhone for a cheaper upfront cost, you can get it on a Large Tab to get $792 off the upfront cost of the phone. However, you’ll need to pay off that $792 throughout your two-year contract. That’s where the monthly charge comes in since this is the price you pay towards the cost of the phone per month.

That’s why BYOD plans are often cheaper since you’re just paying for a plan, not a phone as well.

What were the old Tabs?

For comparison’s sake, the old plans are as follows:

  • Tab Small – $10 per month Tab cost – $240 Tab
  • Tab Medium –  $15 per month Tab cost – $360 Tab
  • Tab Large – $20 per month Tab cost – $480 Tab
  • Tab Extra Large – $30 per month Tab cost -$720 Tab

You can read more about the last time Koodo restructured its Tabs, here.

Update 01/07/2020: This article has been updated to reflect that Koodo has confirmed to MobileSyrup that these changes are legitimate.