WhatsApp may roll out animated stickers in a future update

The feature briefly appeared in a beta update

WhatsApp is reportedly working on adding animated stickers to its messaging platform, according to a recent beta update.

Animated stickers have been available in several messaging services, including Telegram and Gboard, but WhatsApp has only supported standard stickers up until now. The new feature appeared briefly in a beta update, which indicates that WhatsApp may be looking to roll out the new stickers soon.

When the feature is enabled, animated stickers can be sent in a conversation. They animate once and then stop. If you want them to play again, you have to scroll up or down, or click on them.

WhatsApp may make them loop in a future update, or it may have purposely made them only animate once so you don’t get too distracted while viewing a conversation.

Android Police reports that there are five animated sticker packs: Moody Foodies, Chummy Chum Chums, Bright Days, Playful Piyomaru and Rico’s Sweet Life. There will likely be more sticker packs once the feature rolls out publicly.

Although it’s not a super helpful or significant feature, it’s still something cute that can add some fun to users’ conversations.

Source: Android Police