More Apple TV video screensaver choice options coming with tvOS 14

Apple TV 4Th Gen

Ever since Apple expanded its Apple TV aerial screensavers to include space and underwater options in previous versions of tvOS, the name has become outdated.

With tvOS 14, Apple will now be offering filter controls in a new menu in screensaver settings, according to FlatpanelsHD.

Any Apple TV users who are running tvOS 14’s beta will have more of a choice.

You can choose what categories of video screensavers to have in your Apple TV’s rotation. These options include landscapes, earth (the space aerials), underwater and cityscape.

If you don’t like a certain category you can turn it off so you only see desired screensaver categories from the available options.

The move itself is Apple rebranding its aerial screensavers, which have outgrown their name with the previously added options.

As a part of this Apple didn’t announce any screensaver options. The currently available options in tvOS is the same selection in tvOS 13.

Source: FlatpanelsHD Via: 9To5Mac