OnePlus accidentally confirms ‘Nord’ name for upcoming affordable phone

Unfortunately, the phone likely won't come to Canada

OnePlus’ long-rumoured affordable phone finally has a confirmed name: the OnePlus Nord.

Nord was among the many alleged titles for the company’s upcoming foldable phone, which also included OnePlus 8 Lite and OnePlus Z as options. However, thanks to an accidental Instagram post, OnePlus confirmed the Nord name.

As spotted by 9to5Google, a new Instagram account called ‘OnePlusZLiteThing,’ which OnePlus created, included a photo of marketing material showing the name. The company posted a gallery of photos celebrating the development of the affordable phone. One picture included someone holding two cards. The first had blurry white text on a black background.

While you can clearly make out the OnePlus logo and the header, which says “Here’s to the first 100,” the rest of the text isn’t legible. The second card behind the first has an abstract blue pattern and faintly shows the word ‘Nord.’

OnePlus has since deleted the Instagram post, but users on Twitter captured it before it was gone.

It’s not clear what the “first 100” means, but it like refers to some bonus available to the first 100 people who purchase the phone.

As for the phone itself, leaks suggest the OnePlus Nord will deliver a Snapdragon 765G system-on-a-chip (SoC), a 90Hz display and more for an affordable price.

Unfortunately, recent details from OnePlus CEO Pete Lau suggest the Nord will launch in Europe and India, but not Canada. Instead, OnePlus plans to bring a different affordable device to North America in the future.

Source: 9to5Google