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MobileSyrup Father’s Day Gift Guide [2020 Edition]

Father’s Day is coming up, so here are a few gift ideas that should please just about every dad.

The list includes home theatre upgrades, cameras and other gadgets that we think would put a smile on your dad’s face once the 21st rolls around.

We also placed emphasis on items that are relatively easy to order online given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

  • 4K monitor

    If your dad is stuck working from home all day, maybe updating the old monitor he's been staring at is a good idea. 4K monitors are getting cheaper, and as long as he doesn't plan to game at high frame rates, there are a lot of benefits.

    We recently took a look at the Benq EW3280U and loved it, but if you're looking for something a little more affordable, the LG 27UL550-W is a great option.
    You can grab the LG 27UL55-W from Best Buy right now for $449, but we've seen them drop as low as $350 before if you can find one on sale.

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  • Artics Pro Wireless

    Sitting at your computer all day while you work from home can be a drag, but getting a good headset for watching content, listening to music, gaming and video chatting makes a world of difference.

    Our pick for the best top of the line set is the Artics Pro Wireless. These headphones offer surround sound audio, a smart battery charging station and a comfortable design. They're rated for PC and PS4 use, but you can use them with an Xbox.

    These models are a little pricey at $419, but they don't cut any corners and should last a long time. Other models throughout Artics' range are also decent if you're looking for something a bit cheaper.

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    Amazon Steelseries
  • Ekster Parliament

    Dads tend to have big, fat wallets full of cards, receipts and other things they don’t want to lose. As such, a great Father’s Day gift for many dads could be a tracker for their wallet in case they lose it.

    Both Tile and TrackR offer excellent options that are small enough to slip in a wallet without adding extra bulk. Then you can track your wallet with your phone and find it if you lose it.

    If you want to keep your dad’s wallet connected and upgrade his wallet game, Ekster offers the excellent Parliament Wallet or Senate Cardholder which you can pair with a Chipolo tracker so you don’t have to worry about losing it. The Parliament Wallet starts at $89 USD ($119.58 CAD) and a tracker add-on is an extra $39 USD (about $52.40).

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  • Galaxy Tab S6

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 put Android tablets back on the map and is a great option for anyone looking for a fun sketching/media consumption device.

    The tablet features an impressive design and even comes with an included stylus that magnets to the side when you're not using it. You can read more about it in our full review.

    The Tab S6 comes in at $429 in Canada.

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  • JBL Link View

    Smart speakers and smart displays can be the perfect garage companions for playing music, Watching YouTube and more.

    The JBL Link View is one of the best for this space (and many others) because of its loud and bassy speakers, plus it has a decently sized 8-inch screen, so you don't need to squint to see it from a distance.

    You can grab one of these from the Source for $349.

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  • LG OLED CX55

    Upgrading your dad's TV can be tricky, but if you want to set him up with a top of the line set, you can't go wrong with an LG OLED.

    Right now, we're big fans of the 55-inch LG Cx from 2020, but some models from 2019 and 2018 are still worth getting. The main improvement comes from the OLED pixels, which provides much darker contrasts that help step the TV up to the next level.
    Unfortunately, the CX 55-inch isn't the cheapest, but you can get one for around $2,700 in Canada.

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  • Mirrorless camera

    If your dad is into photography but mostly uses his phone or an older point and shoot camera, you could bump him up to a mirrorless unit to help his pictures pop.

    We like both the Canon M6 Mark II and the FujiFilm X-T200. They’re beginner options in the mirrorless space that pack a lot of potential into a reasonable price tag.

    The M6 Mark II costs $1,500 while the Fujifilm camera comes in at $1,050.

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  • Nomad Gear

    Accessory maker Nomad has a long history of releasing great looking products that work extremely well. If you’re dad is looking for a way to charge his AirPods, Apple Watch and iPhone wirelessly, the Base Station Apple Watch Edition is one of the best options out there.

    There’s no denying that Apple’s Watch Bands are ridiculously pricey. While still expensive, Nomad also offers a great-looking Active Stap that comes in at $62 USD (approximately $92 CAD).

    The Base Station Apple Watch Edition costs $149 USD (about $199 CAD).

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  • Sonos Arc

    You don't want to get a big TV without big sound, and the Sonos Arc delivers. Its ultrawide profile brings immersive sound to just about everything, but the added Dolby Atmos support really adds to the experience of content that supports it.

    Plus, you also get to step into Sonos' speaker ecosystem, which is a really seamless and easy way to get multiroom audio everywhere.

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  • Sports app subscription

    Sure, there may not be many sports on TV right now, but they're coming back eventually, and when they do, you want your dad to be ready with a sports app subscription.

    Depending on what he watches, you may need to get one or two of many subscription services. Apps will also allow him to watch sports in bed, outside and pretty much anywhere there is an internet connection.

    You can find out about all of the streaming services in Canada here, but pay attention to SportsNet Now and DAZN, because both services have robust sports offerings. DAZN also exclusively has all the Premier League action.

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  • Video game accessories

    If your dad is a gamer, a good idea is helping him upgrade his video game accessories. If he has an Xbox, a custom or Elite controller could be a great gift.

    For PS4 gamers, the new Back Button is a cool accessory that makes any Dualshock 4 more functional for a pretty low cost.

    Regardless of what system he games on, an external hard drive can make the process of getting new games a lot easier, and this late in the PS4's and Xbox One's life cycles, there are a ton of titles to install and play.

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    Amazon Custom Xbox controller
  • Withings Steel HR

    As more people turn to outdoor activities to kill time while social distancing, smartwatches that also act as fitness trackers are becoming a little handier.

    If you're looking for a simple smartwatch, the Withings Move comes in a few options and looks like a timeless watch. This watch passively tracks steps, swimming, sleeping, biking and more, plus it can even auto-track workouts.

    The Steel Hr costs $203 in Canada. Withing also has a few lower-cost options with very comparable features.

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