Netflix might be launching a feature that lets you watch content as it downloads

If you lose your internet connection is spotty, this feature could be really helpful

New strings of code found in the latest version of Netflix’s Android app suggest that in future subscribers will be able to watch content as it’s downloading.

The code was found in ‘version 7.58.0,’ according to Android Policebut the feature doesn’t seem to be live yet.

While this doesn’t seem like the most useful feature, if you’re trying to download something last minute when your internet connection is spotty, it could be helpful. Currently, you have to start downloading content and then wait for it to download completely before you can watch it.

If this update ever releases, you can start watching a TV show or Movie, and as you’re watching, the video downloads in the background. However, if you do lose connection before it finishes downloading, the app will display a notification that says, “Please connect to the internet to keep watching.’

It’s important to note that since this is a leak, we don’t know when the feature is going live or if Netflix plans actually publically to release it.

Source: Android Police