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Skullcandy releases four new headphones with built-in Tile trackers

Each earbud has Tile's tracking technology built into it

Audio company Skullcandy has partnered with Tile to release a new line of headphones that you can track if you lose them.

The company pulled back the curtain on four new wireless earbuds called the Push Ultra, Indy Evo, Indy Fuel and Indy Sesh. All four models feature Tile’s tracking technology, bringing Skullcandy’s Tile partnership to a total of 10 products.

This is crucial technology to have in wireless earbuds because it’s so easy to lose them. I’ve barely left my apartment in weeks, and I’m currently looking for my left Galaxy Bud, so I wish I had Tile’s tech in my headphones.

Specifically, Tile’s technology makes the earbuds findable when they’re in their charging case and when each bud is lost on its own. This is because each earbud and the case is capable of acting as a Tile tracker, including even when they’re powered off or outside of Bluetooth range from the Tile’s network.

If you mark your item as lost in the Tile app, anyone else running the Tile app will be able to locate it for you. This also works without notifying the Tile user that found your gear.

If you want to find out more regarding Skullcandy’s new earbuds, follow this link.