Samsung rolls out critical vulnerability fix for Galaxy S7 after ending support

The update fixes a vulnerability that could let attackers gain control of a phone by sending MMS messages

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Although Samsung officially ended support for the Galaxy S7 last month — four years after its debut — the South Korean company is pushing out one more update.

The update rolling out to both the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge fixes a critical security issue recently uncovered by Google’s Project Zero.

The vulnerability covers every phone Samsung has released since 2014. It allows attackers to exploit Android’s graphics library to gain access to the system and take control without any interaction from the user. Attackers only need to send multiple MMS messages with a specific image file to execute the exploit. You can read the full details about how this works here.

While most modern Samsung phones received the fix as part of the May 2020 patch, the Galaxy S7 line didn’t receive that patch. However, a new update spotted by user PiunikaWeb on Samsung’s forums appears to be rolling out to the S7 and S7 Edge with the ‘SVE-2020-16747’ fix. The update still falls under the April security patch but fixes the newly uncovered exploit.

Despite this final update coming out, Samsung officially no longer supports the Galaxy S7 line. Still, it’s good to see the company pushing out an update to fix a critical vulnerability even though the device isn’t supported. It’s unclear if older Samsung phones, such as the Galaxy S6 or S5 will get the same treatment.

If you’re still holding onto an S7 or S7 Edge, keep an eye out for that update and make sure to download it as soon as it arrives.

Source: Samsung forums Via: 9to5Google