Facebook brings back ‘polls’ in Messenger with new look

The revamped look features new colours and an updated button to vote

Facebook is bringing back its polls feature in Messenger with a new refreshed look to help people make virtual plans amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The social media giant says that it brought back the feature to let users coordinate activities or share opinions by voting in group chats.

“The polls feature is easy to use and lets you skip lengthy discussions around the best time for your virtual happy hour or which recipe to try by giving people the opportunity to weigh in on a specific question or topic,” Facebook wrote in a blog post.

Facebook notes that it has refreshed the look of the feature with new colours and an updated button to vote. It has also added polls to the Messenger desktop app.

To create a poll, users can tap on the ‘+’ button that appears in a chat and select ‘polls.’ From there you can select ‘options’ and tap ‘create poll’ to submit your topic to the group chat. To participate in a poll users just have to click on it in the chat thread, select their answer, and then submit it.

“We’re happy to bring this popular feature back to Messenger and hope it will make it easier for you to stay connected in a simple, fun and engaging way,” Facebook notes.

Image credit: Facebook

Source: Facebook