Facebook Messenger is looking to combat scams with new security alert

The hope of the added security defence is to help protect minors

Messenger lite has gotten an upgrade

Going forward, Facebook will now warn its users if the content of anyone messaging them is a scam or harmful message.

Those types of messages include users trying to impersonate your Facebook friends, seeking money or are offering a reward.

The social media site added a new Messenger feature. It pops up an alert when a user who you’re not Facebook friends with tries to contact you.

The hope of the new feature is to help protect minors from adults trying to seek them out for malicious reasons, such as sexual abuse.

Facebook says it wants to help educate those who are 18-year-olds or younger to be more cautious with people they don’t know online. In addition, the social media site wants to empower them and take action before responding to a message.

Image credit: Facebook

Source: Facebook Messenger Via: Engadget