Intel announces new 10th Gen vPro business processors

10th Gen vPro includes mobile and desktop processors, Wi-Fi 6 support and more

Intel announced its 10th Gen Core vPro processors for business computing both on-the-go and in desktop environments.

Boasting hardware-based security, better performance, stability and modern manageability features, the vPro series is all about streamlining the IT experience while improving productivity and up-time for employees.

The new vPro line includes U-series chips for mainstream mobile systems, H-series for high-end mobile offerings and S-series for desktop workstations. U-series will be available in both i5 and i7 designations, and both the S- and H-series will be available in i5, i7, i9 and Xeon W designations.

Further, the 10th Gen Intel Core vPro CPUs feature up to 10 processor cores, Gen 9 Intel UHD Graphics with 4K support, a two-channel DDR4 memory controller and the new Intel 400 Series Platform Controller Hub (PCH) with support for Thunderbolt 3, Optane memory and integrated Wi-Fi 6 support.

The vPro line also includes built-in Intel Hardware Shield, which helps with a more secure ‘out-of-the-box’ experience. Intel’s vPro is also a set of specifications that manufacturers must meet to get the ‘vPro’ brand, and Intel Hardware Shield is now one of those requirements. That means vPro computers will feature advanced threat detection with hardware acceleration.

Additionally, the vPro devices can prevent malicious software by locking down critical system resources. It’s also able to dynamically ensure the operating system and virtual environments are running directly on Intel Hardware Shield. Finally, it supports a unique OS visibility feature to see how the devices’ BIOS is using hardware.

Intel says the new vPro processors can get up to 40 percent better application performance compared to a three-year-old laptop. The vPro desktop line can analyze and visualize data up to 44 percent faster than a five-year-old desktop.

Finally, vPro leverages some of Intel’s work with Project Athena to improve laptops with features like ‘Instant Wake,’ increased battery life and more.

You can learn more about Intel’s new vPro line on the company’s website.