Google’s Read Along app can help children learn to read

The app is now free on the Play Store

Google is sharing early access to ‘Read Along,’ an Android app for children older than five years of age. The app aims to help kids learn by giving them verbal and visual feedback when they’re reading out loud.

The Read Long app uses Google’s speech recognition technology to help children develop literacy skills. Google first launched the app in India under the name “Bolo.”

Read Along is now available in more than 180 countries and nine languages.

Additionally, the app helps kids learn and build their skills with an in-app buddy name Diya. When children read out loud, Diya uses Google’s text to speech as well as speech recognition technology to figure out if a student is struggling to read a passage.

The assistant helps to reinforce and provide feedback similar to a parent or teacher. Children can also tap Diya to help pronounce a word or a sentence, as well as earn badges and stars.

Parents can create multiple profiles if they have more than one child using the app. Children just need to tap on their photo to start learning at their own pace, and parents can track individual progress.

Furthermore, Read Along works offline without Wi-Fi or data.

Families can download Read Along for their Android devices by navigating to the Play Store. 

Source: Google Blog