OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro now available to purchase in Canada

If you've got the cash, now is the time

If you’ve been waiting to buy a new OnePlus 8 series device, now is the time.

OnePlus has taken both the OnePlus 8 and the OnePlus 8 Pro out of pre-order status on its website. While you can order both phones today, neither is cheap. The OnePlus 8 Pro costs an eye-watering $1,399 in Canada and the OnePlus 8 starts at $1,099. 

Both phones are worth the price since they’re packed with bleeding-edge features like 5G, high-refresh-rate screens, brilliant cameras and more. However, you can only buy them in Canada from OnePlus directly, meaning there’s no way to get the phones for a lower upfront cost from a carrier.

OnePlus does offer an upgrade program that allows you to trade in older phones for a discount on the new one, but the most you can get is $500. That being said, I’m sure this is a nice option for some people, and if you’ve got a really old phone you’re trying to get rid of, this makes it easy.

Last year’s OnePlus 7T is still in stock on the company’s website as well. It has a much more reasonable price tag of $669, making it an outstanding value compared to the expensive 8 series.

You can find out more regarding the OnePlus 8 series, or the OnePlus 7T by reading our reviews.

You can buy the phone on OnePlus’ website. 

Source: OnePlus