Facebook Messenger, WHO partner to launch chatbot for COVID-19 information

The social media giant and the WHO are hoping to combat misinformation regarding the virus

Facebook has partnered with the World Health Organization (WHO) once again to make it easier for users to access credible information about COVID-19.

The social media giant has launched a new chatbot on Messenger, which users can use to send questions to the ‘Health Alert’ service. It’s a pretty straightforward tool, as the chatbot will reply to incoming questions with a series of responses that provide links to credible information and resources.

Facebook has already rolled out the chatbot on WhatsApp, and says that it reached more than 12 million people through it.

“WHO will be able to expand their reach as they continue to provide people everywhere with important information. This is critical as widespread misinformation can create unnecessary fear and panic in this already trying time,” Facebook wrote in a blog post.

The social media giant previously partnered with the WHO and global government health organizations to allow them to leverage Messenger to deliver critical information about the pandemic.

The chatbat can be accessed through the WHO’s official Facebook page, or through a dedicated messenger link.

Source: Facebook